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Jun 11, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Hi I'm Claire Boudeville. I am a Malaysian living in Bandar Utama with my husband Wolfgang. I am retired now and most of my time (before the lockdown) play golf. I have been feeding some strays at Saujana Golf Club till they stopped me saying that they don't advocate any members feeding the dogs. So, I had to stop. As I was feeding them, I got in touch with many dog shelters asking them to help me to home the dogs. I realised 5 things, 1) It is expensive to feed them 2) There are many hungry strays that are neglected and are treated badly and even killed cruelly 3) Most dog shelters are over filled with dogs 4) Dog shelters either use their own money or depend on donations to function which is minimal compared to what they have to do eg medical bills, food, neutering etc 5) The problem is dire Hence I decided to call up friends and friends of friends to help me give these wonderful beings a better life. This website is created by ME! I have paid for an experience website guy but we had some problems( don't want to get there) I am sorry for the delay but creating a website isn't easy...not for me anyway. I have created this website to ease the process. Hopefully, it serves it's purpose. As I was thinking of ways to help these unfortunate animals, I got to thinking that since I'm building a website I would like to go further to help the unfortunate in the community. I relay the information on the website on places, people, animals etc etc of where help is needed and you decide to where and how you want to help directly. Just as a start I'm trying to help dog shelters. I believe that we all have our busy lives to live and have not the time to do what we really would like to ie. to give back to our society without any hassle. I feel good when I give or help and I feel that you might feel that too.'Giving is like a boomerang it comes back'. Please do put in your thoughts here and any queries. I have many but I'll bore you some other time. As this is my first time at creating a website. I truly hope for your kind support and understanding. If any of you have any suggestions, I am all ears. If you do want to help any of our causes please contact me and I can put you on the list to help on the 'take a turn' basis, if you haven't done so already. Please help our 'Causes' and viral this website to your friends as there are more shelters that need our help but I do not want to tax you more than I have to, the longer our list the longer it takes for our turn. Times are difficult, we do what we can, when we can. When I do have many more names on the list I can then start creating another 'Take a turn' list and start helping another shelter. This will definitely ease the difficulties of dog shelters. Please also note that the price for one bag is RM60( I did say RM55) as I've managed to find a manufacturer that makes these dogs biscuits (kibbles) for shelters only. They are of good quality and if we look after the dogs' health then we can elevate sickness hence less medical bills. Plus he has waived the transportation fees which we can use for the dogs. :) If it's a problem to anybody please contact me and I will remove you from the list. In fact you can request to be removed from the list anytime, all I asked if you would give us some warning so that I can replace your turn. No obligation at all. Thanks again my friends. I'm so blessed! Thank you Claire View from my home
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